Our approach leverages our capacity to realize, implement, and deliver solution successfully

Leadership is a cause, other else is effect

We work directly and openly through Client’s leadership to deliver cultural-change and process-based solutions that assuring exceptional operating results. We engage directly with our Clients to help rapid implementation and effective transformation.

Engagement with Involvement

The deployment of improvement program or management system when arrives at the “point of execution” is a process, not a fixed formula. Not every manager advances at the same rate, not every supervisor accepts and adaptive to change immediately. It takes time and the involvement of Business Cycle Consulting leader to act as the change agents, coaches and mentors as well as the designers of management systems. Because we understand that if it could have happen internally, it would already have been actualized earlier.  In most cases, an objective, trained and skilled third party in transformative phase of management are required to overcome the internal inertia of “it won’t work here.”

Valuable Tools application

We integrate and deploy the most relevant continuous process improvement (CPI) methods and tools. Our leader will use their proficiency by listening carefully to Client problems before decode them into effective solutions.

Empower Team

Significant success on every deployment of business improvement will always depend on effective teamwork. Scattered individual shots, no matter hard they are, will always fall short. Business Cycle Consulting will encourage and empower Client to work as a team, pick prioritized set of goals and actions then drumbeat the team to ensure focus, timing, and synergy.

Remove Barriers

Improvements are achieved through removing barrier that causing non value added activity or substitute processes. Business Cycle Consulting leader will systematically deploy methodologies to address accurate issues along with essential gear to remove both business process and cultural barrier.


Achieving healthy and profitable growth for business sustainability always need improvement and alignment on critical components such as business, technical, organization, people and process. Business Cycle Consulting services verge on those components. We facilitate sets of services that comprise:
•    Business Strategy
•    Change Management
•    Operations Improvement
•    Marketing & Sales
•    Process Innovation
•    Training and Development
•    System Development

Growing and keep learning

There is not such a limit of problems that we can solve when we commit to keep growing and learning. Learning will make us always bigger than any problem we have. Process innovation and continuous process improvement are disciplines that can be learn and mastered. Business Cycle Consulting services are similar as corporate DNA that when spliced in place by one of our professionals trigger improvements that can result in transformative culture change. Our people will work to develop environment by going extra miles attitude.

Enthusiast and Empathy

The need for improvement and business solution is in every business but every organization has different barriers and needs. We listen and learn on Client’s unique business needs and dilemmas with empathy, then designing an architecture and implementation program meant for solution with enthusiasm.

Sense of Urgency

Time is a Competitive weapon. We approach each engagement with a deep sense of urgency. We understand that our value lies in our ability to quickly liberate the inherent value trapped in Client’s trait. Using thoughtful leadership, linked with the skillful application of our methodologies and other industry tools, we effectively and rapidly navigate Client teams throughout implementation process of improvement toward eliminating barriers that hindering company’s competitiveness.