Marketing & Sales


Developing the right marketing strategy will give organization competitive edge; however, even the most sophisticated strategy is nothing more than good theory until it is implemented successfully. The essence of marketing is to understand the customers' needs.Organizations then need to develop a plan that meets those needs.

Business Cycle consulting believe that today business reality need integration between marketing, sales and service to effectively increase sales and market share growth. Lack of alignment can inhibit growth and create missed sales opportunities.

New business reality demands a customized and integrated customer experience, from touch points initiated by marketing, to promises met by sales, then to customer service and support that consistently delivered after the product is purchased.

With mobile and social media adaptability, companies need to take advantage through invest to listen customers in social communities and transfer the information gathered for taking the prudent action into sales and customer service. At the focal point is delivering a consistent and superior customer experience that draws together marketing, sales and service to inform and sell more dynamically, and provide service to meet customers’ ever-expanding expectations.

Sections of our Marketing & Sales service are:

  • Sales and Channel Management
  • Pricing
  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social CRM