Operation Improvement

We believe that articulating a company’s vision and strategic plan are important, however, executing the plan is what gets the results.

Companies wishing to improve their growth, profitability and focus on doing the right things right should adopt a new business imperative called operations improvement. Underlying this approach is the criticality of increasing effectiveness by improving business processes and installing measurements wherever possible.

By strategically integrating business process, people, and technology, companies can make more effective business decisions, exponentially increasing value and driving higher levels of efficiency throughout organization-wide.

Business Cycle Consulting believes that operations improvement is about understanding, optimizing, and aligning the operational business activities and processes to a common set of goals and objectives.

Sections of our Operation Improvement service are:

  • Asset Productivity Improvement
  • Sales and Operation Planning
  • Manufacturing Improvement
  • Procurement, Purchasing and Supply Management
  • Service Operation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • HR & Motivation Management
  • Maintenance Excellence